Pocket Operator Buddy

The PO-B (Pocket Operator Buddy) is a companion app that complements the Pocket Operator’s by Teenage Engineering. With the PO-B you can build your own kits, transfer melodic samples and record your loops and songs* to share with the world.

PO-B offers two sound banks for the PO-32, PO-33 and PO-35. The melodic bank can transfer samples one by one to the PO’s while the drum banks connects all 16 slots into one kit. As a bonus the PO-B will use a filler sample for unused slots.

The PO-B includes a memory saver option that can speed up kits up to 2x of their original speed during transfer. Samples can be adjusted to their original speed directly on the PO.

The PO-B comes with a wide range of sample sets**.

*) The recording functionality may require a line-in cable.
**) Sample sets are currently developed. Import of custom samples is coming soon.