Fresh React Native Components: swipebox, swipetimepicker and optiongroup

It’s summer time and we just had twin baby boys. Coding and development have been drastically reduced but I still have some time to play around and create some simple but powerful react-native components.


The react-native-optiongroup component is a simple but effective control that allows a user to select a quick choice from a pre-selected group. Useful when space is sparse and a user needs to select an item from several options.

I used this recently as a duration picker for a time picker control:

Check it out on my GitHub: react-native-optiongroup



Another awesome and simple component that allows to create unique interfaces without cluttering or annoying the user. The react-native-swipebox component creates a swipe-able up/down button that can be filled either with text or with sub components such as icons. Of course it is fully customizable.

Check it out on my GitHub: react-native-swipebox



react-native-swipetimepicker is a useful implemention of the above swipebox. There are not many great time pickers out there that can be easily used by a user and on top are cross-platform for iOS and Android. This component implements the most simplest way for the user to select a time. Fully customizable it can be fitted in any react-native application.

Check it out on my GitHub: react-native-swipetimepicker