Fresh React Native Components: swipebox, swipetimepicker and optiongroup

It’s summer time and we just had twin baby boys. Coding and development have been drastically reduced but I still have some time to play around and create some simple but powerful react-native components. react-native-optiongroup¬† The react-native-optiongroup¬†component is a simple but effective control that allows a user to select a quick choice from a pre-selected … Read more

Open anything with React Native OpenAnything

A common task in modern mobile apps is to redirect the user to native or external applications. A very common thing is to open and display an address in the native maps application. You can either do this the old fashion way and create a deep linking module for your application or just use OpenAnything … Read more

Partial Object Composing in JavaScript ES6

We all had to deal with dynamic object keys at one point and it is a painful process but thanks to the enhanced Object Initialization Spec in ES6, those days are becoming a bit easier. The [ ] quotation allows to create an object key from a computed value as shown below: const target = … Read more

Twilio Hackpack + Pagerduty = Awesome

I just got back from the Twilio Signal Conference and all participants got the Hackpack v.3. It features a 3G enabled Particle Electron along with a 4×4 WS2812B RGB LED Matrix and a 2000mAh LiPo battery. I been thinking how to actually use it for something useful and came up with the idea to use … Read more