Open anything with React Native OpenAnything

A common task in modern mobile apps is to redirect the user to native or external applications. A very common thing is to open and display an address in the native maps application. You can either do this the old fashion way and create a deep linking module for your application or just use OpenAnything for React Native – an extensive wrapper of supported deep linking methods.

It currently supports Mail, Text, Email, Maps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Facetime (iOS), Call, Web, etc.

Each method checks if the deep linking url is supported on the device and opens it.

To get started, include the library in your project using yarn or npm:

yarn add react-native-openanything
npm install react-native-openanything --save

You can now import any method from the library and execute it. See the example below how easy it is to open a map with marker in the Native Map app:

import {Map} from 'react-native-openanything';

Map('1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043');

Each method call is actually an promise and will return an error message if something goes wrong:

import {Facebook} from 'react-native-openanything';

Facebook('invaliduser').catch(err => alert('Facebook is not installed on this device.'));

Learn more about all the method calls on my GitHub:

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